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Kurdistan is an independent region of federal Iraq.
To the west it borders with Syria, to the east with Iran, and to the north with Turkey.
It is located in the fertile area crossed by the River Tigris.

Erbil the capital - independent region of Kurdistan, Iraq

Erbil is the capital of the independent region of Kurdistan, Iraq

Erbil, 350km north of Baghdad, like the rest of the area, is stable and safe, and is enjoying an unexpected economic boom, to the point that at the moment it resembles a huge building site.

Erbil is considered one of the oldest cities in the world and is known my many different names: Erbil, Irbil, Arbil, Hewlêr

The city of Erbil was an important centre of communication for many centuries, and the main stopover in the Silk Road. Significant traces of its impressive past survive in the old centre or citadel, a treasure trove of impressive archaeological remains.

Today, Erbil International Airport is the destination of many direct flights that come from the major cities of Europe and the Middle East; public transport can count on a network of buses and a well-organized taxi service.

The city is the capital and the seat of parliament of the independent region of Kurdistan. It is the safest city on Iraqi territory today as it has the largest concentration of crude oil resources.

Iraqi Kurdistan is also the geographical and most immediate gateway to Iraq, offering in itself some great business opportunities without the issue of the enormous problems connected to the lack of safety affecting the rest of the country.

The Iraqi government programme envisages the building of one million residential units a year, for five years, as well as schools, hospitals, railway networks, power stations, roads and highways.

There are more or less unlimited investment sectors, given the country’s priority needs, ranging from health to schools, and including water, electricity, telecommunications, hygiene, agriculture, infrastructures and transport, as well as production overall.


Il governo del Kurdistan, patrocinante la Fiera ha assicurato un livello di sicurezza altissimo sia nella Fiera che nel paese e ciò per dare agli espositori e ai visitatori della Fiera la massima tranquillità, anche al di fuori dei padiglioni fieristici.

Va notato che dai primi mesi del 2006 si sono svolte con cadenza mensile e senza alcun incidente fiere internazionali dedicate ai paesi extaeuropei, con una fortissima partecipazione di espositori e di visitatori.


The population of Kurdistan

The Kurdistan region is populated by Kurds, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Turks, Armenians and Arabs.
The population is very young: 36% are aged under 14, only 4% are over 63.

  Iraq Map

  Area: 40,643 Km²
Population: 3,757,058
Capital: Erbil
Languages spoken: prevalently Kurdish Turkish, Arabic, Armenian.
Currency: the Iraq dinar (IQD) is the official currency, but the US dollar is also very common (USD).
Time zone: GMT +3
Legal time: GMT +4
International dialling: 00964 (+964)

Aerial view of Erbil

Geographical and climate characteristics
The three biggest cities are Erbil, Suleimaniah, Dohuk.
The region of Kurdistan is located at an average altitude of 2,400 m; its tallest peak is Halgurd, which is near the Iranian border and reaches 3,660 m.
The three biggest cities are Erbil, Suleimaniah, Dohuk.

Average rainfall is 375-724mm.

The climate of Kurdistan is semi-arid continental: very hot and dry in summer; cold and damp in winter.

March - May
June - September
October - November
December - February

Kurdistan has seven universities:
the university of Salahaddin, Erbil
the university of Suleimania
the university of Dohuk,
the university of Koya
medical university of Hawler
the university of Kuirdistan and
the American university of Iraq


Most of the Kurd population are Sunnite Muslims, but there are also a great many Christians, and there is a local Kurdish religion known as Yazidism.

Languages spoken

ed Arabo sono le lingue ufficiali, entrambi gli idiomi sono largamente parlati e capiti nella regione.

Kurdish cuisine

Kurdish cuisine is very spicy and rich in vegetables; the main dishes are lamb and chicken-based.
A typical breakfast includes Arab bread with honey and ewe’s-milk yogurt; a favourite beverage, served with each meal, is black tea.

Savoury dishes are generally served with rice or Arab bread.

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