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Why Italianexpo - Iraq 2008

Specialist fair for reconstruction of systems, structures, works and services in Iraqi territory.

The facts speak for themselves: Italianexpo Iraq 2007 ended on 10 September, with a “see you” at Erbil, from 9 to 13 June 2008.

Italy was the first Western state to arrange its own Iraq trade fair, with 80 businesses taking part.
We organized a national fair dedicated to manufacturing companies, accompanying the products with technology, business culture and training.
This will lay the foundations for profound, enduring bonds with operators in Kurdistan.

This part of Iraq is a democratic independent region, well-disposed towards Italy, with whom it shares a thriving spirit of cooperation.
Kurdistan is safe and is currently peaceful, representing a real gateway to Iraq.
Italianexpo Iraq 2007 was a success and this was confirmed by exhibitors, who were able to conclude business worth millions of dollars and arrange negotiations for tens of millions of dollars, all in just five days.

The June 2008 event will be even more successful because the country is seeking to work with Italian companies. Massud Barzani, President of Kurdistan, said as much when he visited the fair, defining it as the outstretched hands of friendship and the start of partnership between our two peoples, destined to grow and be reinforced with the passing of time. Massud Barzani, 41, has a managerial approach and calls Western consultants too, when he has to make strategic decisions.

Hundreds of millions of dollars were earmarked in Erbil for reconstruction: airport, conference centres, parks, bridges, tunnels, ministries, schools, hospitals.
Soon, eight new hotels will open around the city. In the district nearest to the airport a Dream City, an English City and an Italian City will be built: a Dubai-style skyscraper scenario that will absorb over 350,000,000 dollars of private capitals.

The Kurds have understood that security is the passport to the world.
All the exhibitors at the first fair will swear to that.
For Kurdish and Iraqi operators it is still difficult to travel abroad. With Italianexpo Iraq2008 they will be able to establish a direct rapport with Italian producers, without involving agents or traders from neighbouring countries. Exhibitors at Italianexpo Iraq2008 will encounter immediate, concrete willingness to open negotiation at the event, as was the case at the first fair.
In Corriere della Sera of 14 September, Sergio Romano replied to the Hon. Dario Rivolta, who opened Italianexpo Iraq2007 on 6 September, saying:

Kurdistan overall is quiet and well-administered. Businessmen and bankers have realized that. Oil companies have already negotiated contracts for the day when the region can make freer use of its wealth … The Economist’s special correspondent, during a recent trip to the regional capital (Erbil), met with Norwegian oil men, Lebanese bankers, Dubai traders. So it is a good thing that Italian entrepreneurs have also become aware of the existence of an interesting potential market”.

This time the Italians got to the right place at the right time.

For Italian companies, Italianexpo Iraq2008 represents a unique, special opportunity.
We are faced with a market in full development, to be satisfied and educated.
Iraq needs products and technologies, business culture, partners.
The country still has to adopt standards that will point future purchases towards Italy.

Iraq is a market standing by not only for large international businesses and great contracts, but also for those traditional items that will meet daily needs and improve quality of life.

Perfect timing for Italian products and technologies.

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